Our Story

Back in 2016, Kate - one of our 2 co-founders after all the hassles of moving from Singapore to Munich, wanted to treat herself a few comfy pieces of lounge-wears. She wandered at many different stores and shopping malls in Munich and in the end decided to get some great quality products from a 160 year-old high-end shopping mall at Marienplatz.

She loves those pieces so much for the great quality and comfiness that they offer (still till today when she is writing this). Obviously, these products are offered at the range of about €120-180 for a dress and €150-250 for a pyjama set. What struck her the most was the difference between the quality of these products and the mass-market ones that she used before. She keeps wondering how much the cost of making these great pieces of clothing truly is and if it is possible to offer this level of quality at a more reasonable price so that more women (and men) can have a chance to experience this. And this is where it all started...


The two founders of Katie di Mare

Fast forward to April 2021, Katie di Mare launched its first collection. We believe that every woman can look classy and elegant at home and deserves the best quality lounge-wares at the most reasonable price. We strive our best to make the most beautiful products, at the most sustainable production site, without traditional markups in this industry.

To be very honest, it is still quite a journey ahead to reach the kind of quality that we want to achieve. We continuously try our best and strive for perfection in our production while keeping price reasonable.

Thank you for walking with us along this journey 💗