Our Pricing

We believe that our customers have legitimate right to know how their clothes are made and what exactly they pay for. We commit to the transparency by being open about the product costs, from material, labor, transportation, custom and duties to packaging and delivery. For high-quality and branded loungewear products in the market, there is a big markup in pricing. 

Our Cost Breakdown



We choose to offer reasonable price with smaller markups (2x) compared to other fine loungewear brands' markups (4-6x) so that more women can experience and enjoy great loungewear products. It is probable that our cost is higher than that of bigger companies due to the lack of economies of scale. 

 Our price vs. Traditional Price

That would also mean that we will charge the delivery and return fee as it is indeed a cost incurred for us. With this we hope to encourage customers to consider more carefully before making purchase decisions.

We shy away from markdowns and sales event except for our launch. Researches about consumer behaviors have shown that impulse buying is not only inspired by a variety of internal psychological factors but also influenced by external, marketing-related stimuli (see more here). We strive to offer the highest value for price while not incentivizing impulse purchases. 

This will eventually help reduce wastes generated to our environment and misused resources involving in the whole process of serving impulse purchases. Read more about our sustainability approach here